INSTRUCTIONS TO OPEN VODCAST FILES: In the Start menu bar, type [\\leaddog\dirksen] and hit enter. Then copy the file to your Desktop, do not save it to your Z drive, the server will not let you view it because the size of the file is too big. Once you are done with it, delete it, if you need it again you can always get it from leaddog.
HOW TO DOWNLOAD YOUR TI-INSPIRE:1. log-in as school.guest, password (check with me, it changes) 2. Go to the Start menu and type [file:\\bigdog\PCFLATS\INSTALL\TIINSPIRE] 3. double click the TI icon 4. Pick TI-84 Silver Plus edition 5. close that and double click on it again and click the black forward key

  • Some of you are under some kind of impression that you're "bad" at science, or you "hate science because it's hard". Personally, I don't know if that means you have weak math skills, or are confused by latin words, or struggle with problem-solving. Please, try to get rid of that mindset!!! You will definitely learn something about science in my room; why critical thinking, problem solving, and analysis are important life skills. And why science and math literacy are just as important as being literate in one's native tongue, (on the Today Show this morning the host was commenting that horizontal lines on clothing are slimming, while she was moving her arms up and down vertically. Uggh.) When you get good grades in a course of mine, you've earned it, and it is truly hard to flat-out, fail one of my classes. What I do expect is that you perform to your full potential and maintain a positive attitude.
  • I am always available for help during SRB; please ask me for a pass at the end of the class, or before the second bell at the beginning of class if at all possible. The beginning of class is bad becuase I'm preparing for that days work. Try to be patient, SRB ends-up being heavily utilized for help by your fellow students. And, if I get crabby (rarely ever happens), because I'm overwhelmed, understand it's not you, I love all of you.
You can achieve in my advanced courses, or any of my courses for that matter, by doing the following:‚Äč1. Determine to master the content. That means applying yourself, and practicing the skills, and reviewing course materials. I don't believe in "trick", or "pop", anything on tests or quizzes, I try to be clear about the material I want you understand. So, ask me what you need to put on your test card, ask me about essay question topics. However, that doesn't mean anything close to giving you the questions to tests, it means I will tell you what kind of problems you will be expected to solve, analyze, or draw conclusions.2. BE ORGANIZED! Have a folder for the class and have a place for both, work that needs to be handed-in, and for completed and returned work. If you didn't get credit for an assignment you are positive that you did, the graded, returned assignment is your proof. (Yes, I have been known to not get a grade in the gradebook). That's one reason why hanging-on to your work is so important.3. Use study hall time to do schoolwork. Procrastinating is a serious academic handicap, not a fashionable affliction.4. You will have a limited time to make-up labs, so make arrangements to get them done as soon as possible.

Link to the Recording of Global Education Conference 2011 Presentation